Create magical
stories together
Create magical
stories together

Turn your kid's favorite interests and biggest feelings into stories

AI generated hillside with trees and a deer
AI generated house with a yellow walkway and trees
AI generated clounds in the background
AI generated clounds in the background

Storytime is special.

As parents, and the creators of Magic Story, we love books. Despite having a full bookshelf, our kids often wanted stories about their emotions or latest obsessions like bugs or dinosaurs.

Imagine letting them build
their own stories

We all want stories that interest, inspire, and help our kids learn and grow. Magic Story allows parents and kids to create any story they can imagine.

two young kids reading


How It Works

  • 1

    Pick what your story is about, what happens and a feeling.

  • 2

    Decide to include images in your story or only words.

  • 3

    Wait a moment for the magic to work.

  • 4

    Read your custom story right away, read it again anytime.

2,726,460 total possible
story combinations

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